About Egyrobo Academy

EGYROBO Academy is a part of the EGYROBO Group. It’s a specialized academy in Egypt, to let the undergrads, engineers, and youth learn and implement real projects in the field of robotics.
We are a pioneer robotic integrator in Egypt, the middle east, and Africa with a rich portfolio in implementing and teaching sophisticated engineering concepts with projects.
We Always guarantee to give you high-value practical courses with hands-on training containing robotic operation and programming, by this we came over the gap between the theoretical studies and the industry!

Academy Benefits

More than 80% of the course will be practical-based on the real industrial robotic arms. The maximum number in a class is six. So, it will give you more time to deal with the robotic arm. The graduation project is assessed at the end of the course with a certificate. You are getting your courses in a robotic company according to our launching, discounts will be available up to 60% availability for installments. You can pay in cash, visa, or bank transfer on Egyrobo bank account.


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

About Egyrobo

Egyrobo was founded in 2007 by David Youssef
A Cairo-based company that develops, manufacture & integrate robotic solutions.
In 2009 EGYROBO became the only KUKA official system partner in the Middle East and Africa. Our company believes that robotics continues to emerge as a large and influential market.

Egyrobo aims to be the pioneer of the robotic field in Egypt, the Middle East & Africa, we are seeking to boost trainees to be qualified experts in Robotic Science to devise and renew the know-how with the coming generation by enhancing humanity with improving the industry and the level-services performance.

Developing Our Business, Growing Our People

Egyrobo Academy

Expert Team

People who work at EGYROBO share the vision & values of our community to drive a safer, productive & innovative environment for companies, schools, and homes.

Egyrobo Academy

Smart Services

With our experience in industry solutions, robotics, and automation, we can offer an inclusive, innovative solution for your warehouse, restaurant, or school.

Egyrobo Academy

Robotics Made it Easy

Learning robotics & programming makes your head roll, EGYROBO Academy offers easy & practical courses for students, undergraduates & engineers in the robotics field.

Egyrobo Academy

Great Support

If you’re facing a problem in your system, want to develop your existing one, or just have an inquiry. Our sales team can help you through that.